Our strategy and our corporate culture
While the mobility sector is undergoing a real transformation, it is important to reaffirm our calling, what we stand for and what we want to be. Our vision, mission and values will inspire the decisions and actions that guide us:
Facilitate the mobility of travelers, contribute to the performance of transport operators, develop and perpetuate the company so it becomes a key partner in the digital mobility ecosystem.

Our vision, our mission
Thanks to its human size, the variety of its products and more than 20 years of expertise, ACTOLL can offer its customers a complete range of innovative solutions adapted to their needs. These solutions cover connected ticketing systems, Fleet Management Systems, toll management and payment solutions.
We want to be our customers’ preferred partners on the long term and a player that contributes to a responsible and sustainable growth.
We want to have a positive impact on our stakeholders (customers, employees, partners).

Thanks to our organisation, our highly committed teams offer our clients high quality services and solutions in compliance with regulations and security standards.
Innovation is part of ACTOLL’s DNA in its products and uses, so we pay special attention to the needs of our customers and promote the innovation spirit of our employees through an innovation club: ” Innov’Club “. Each year ACTOLL dedicates 10 to 15% of its turnover in R & D.
We offer our colleagues a motivating and inspiring work environment.

Quality management
This policy is supported by a robust Quality Management System, which we are constantly improving, a system based on efficient processes and tools, ISO 9001 compliant.
We are committed to implementing all means necessary to ensure that our quality management system is understood, effective and respected by everyone.