PayBill payment Platform

Process bank card payment flowsPayment solution - by bank card

A PCI DSS Service Provider SaaS offer. Operation and maintenance carried out by ACTOLL teams.


For public transportation

The ACTOLL mutualised solution allows to connect to the same electronic payment server, all the ticketing equipment (Validator, Desk, Handheld control and fine payment device, Online shop, M-Ticketing, Platform ticket validator, etc.)

  • Contactless Bank Card payment on board or docked on ACTOLL validator (Open Payment)
  • One-click payment on smartphone or online store
  • Fine payment

For the motorway sector

ACTOLL offers a complete outsourcing of the electronic payment chain by abiding to the business rules and the specificities of the motorway environment.

  • Secured/Protected acquisition of Bank Card payments on toll lane
  • Contact & contactless Bank Card payment
  • Private cards
  • Adapted retailer risk management for the motorway business
  • Aggregation and multi-purchaser delivery of the transactions
  • Management tools for the electronic payment equipment pool

For the collection of donationsPayment solutions - collection of donations

Simply give by using the contactless Bank Card thanks to the connected basket . Since the end of January 2018, the parishioners of the Saint-François de Molitor church in Paris can fulfill their offering with their contactless bank card.

ACTOLL has designed and implemented a collection basket allowing parishioners to choose the amount of their donation: 2, 3, 5 or 10 euros.
Transactions are transmitted in real time to our PayBill mutualised payment service platform.
A useful alternative when you do not have any change on you.