Hosting, Administration and Operation of ticketing systems

Getting the best of your ticketing system

Operating a ticket issuing system includes many activities that require numerous sets of skills. This is why the Public Authorities (AOT) rely on a professional ticket issuing service provider as a true partner involved in the operation of the network.

busThanks to its knowledge of the business and experience in ticket dispenser systems, ACTOLL is able to provide the AOT with a complete offer for the management, administration, operation and hosting of ticketing systems:

  • Server hosting services and providing fixed and mobile communication networks;
  • Administration and maintenance of the ticketing system;
  • Providing training and assistance to system users;
  • Exploiting the data: publishing statistical reports and usage logs;
  • Customising contactless supports (chip cards and USB drives);
  • Centralising and distributing network profits.

Dumping tool: Reading/writing contactless supports

Analysing, running diagnostics, testing the content of contactless supports

The dumping tool allows you to analyse and export the content of contactless cards and tickets:

  • CALYPSO (GTML,CD97,CD21) in read/write mode
  • Emulated DOFOCO (MIFARE DESFIRE) in read mode
  • eTicket (SRT512) in read mode.

The dumping tool is crucial to interoperability testing platforms. It allows commuters to continue using their cards.