Connected ticketing solution

Equipping urban and interurban networks with a ticketing solution

Having determined that traditional ticketing systems require a significant investment and recurrent maintenance and operational costs, ACTOLL offers, in partnership with Urban CEI, a connected (Account Based Ticketing) and modular ticketing solution (options can be activated on request).

T-Smart allows the use of new sales channels (smartphone) and new media (QRCode, contactless bank card, smartphone).

T-Smart has an ultra-complete back office to secure sales and revenue, locate, monitor and manage embedded applications.

T-Smart was born from the partnership of two companies with complementary skill sets, Urban System and ACTOLL, both of which are well-known throughout the world of ticketing solutions.

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Direct contactless payment by bank card

Facilitating access to public transport

T-SmartT-Smart is also a solution that is complementary to traditional ticketing systems and relies on contactless payment by bank card (CB-NFC).

ACTOLL’s ambition is to make the transport networks benefit from innovative technologies and means of payment, making mobility more fluid and instantaneous.
ACTOLL offers a direct payment solution on board public transport vehicles. It includes:

  • on-board equipment
  • an electronic payment server

This solution facilitates access to public transport, especially for occasional commuters.

T-Pass – M-Ticket mobile payment application with QRcode

Facilitating the move of occasional usersT-pass

ACTOLL offers an application that allows you to subscribe, to buy tickets directly and to load them on a smartphone.

To validate the ticket, simply click on “validate” and read the QR code present in the vehicle.

The smartphone becomes a new ticket medium that allows validation and control.

No need to wait to get on the bus or to go to the commercial agency,
the T-Pass application is available on the App Store and Google Play.




The online agency: remote sales and payment system

Improving the quality of service

The virtual agency enables customers to carry out all sales transactions and to top up funds on their transport tickets, 24/7, remotely (requests for reduced fares, cards, automatic debit).

A solution that allows commuters to top up funds on their transport card or their transport USB drive in real time or through an ATM and to instantly load a valid transport ticket onto the chosen support. 


Complete freedom of use of public transport

A solution that allows the registered commuter to enjoy a post-payment service, to use it freely without any cash advance, and to pay according to the passenger’s own commuting habits..

The commuter no longer has to transfer funds onto his/her card, or worry whether the card is topped up or not.

Commuters only pay for their use of public transport during the previous month.

Handheld control and edition of fines device – Web-based fine payment

Fighting fraudHandheld control and edition of fines device – Web-based fine payment

ACTOLL has collaborated with the various business lines of a network operator to design a resilient and easy-to-use tool for ticket control purposes.

To satisfy fluidity requirements for ticket controllers, ACTOLL has developed the “spot-check control” function: the handheld device is in a state of active stand-by, and enables agents to effortlessly carry out series of controls.

Our solution is user-friendly and enables ticket controllers to rapidly adopt and master their new handheld devices.

ACTOLL also provides an internet site where fines can be settled online.