Toll information system

Managing a motorway toll and its string of revenues

ACTOLL offers an information system that is custom-designed for motorway tolls and includes: management of registered users, business reporting, revenue management, payment with bank and private cards, an accounting interface, and motorway inter-operability (CIP).

Payment by bank card

Ensuring safety of bank card payments made to motorway operators (SCA)

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ACTOLL is currently the only company that offers an integrated payment solution that is compliant with the EMV standard: “SYMPAA”, which includes an electronic banking controller for drive-through payments and SMACT, the motorway electronic payment server. The payment and personal data are protected according to the PCI-DSS standard.

Commercial IS & online agency

Managing motorway toll subscriptions

Motorway tolling system: Commercial IS online agency The web based Point of Sale terminal allows the operator to increase its number of points of sale.
Users can subscribe and view their account online at any time from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Automation of the “agent experience” processes
  • Electronic signature of membership forms and SEPA mandate
  • Personalisation of badges (encoding + label)
  • Inventory management

The solution also meets the digital expectations of motorway customers through the dematerialisation of formalities related to the subscription. On the internet, the customer can subscribe to his electronic toll payment and manage his account 24 hours a day.